Leela Press


'Thank you once again for the amazing gifts and spending time crafting them with so much love and care'

D.N. (UK)

'I love everything about it!'

M.H. (UK)


M.R. (USA)

'The word 'beautiful' just does not do it justice but its the best I can do. Absolutely fantastic.'

Susan (UK)

'Wow – just speechless - just breathtaking, it brought tears to my eyes – Amazing.'

H.R. (UK)

'Love it! Love it! Love it!'

M.S. (UK)

'A beautiful journal crafted with earth-responsible papers'

S.L. (UK)

'Joy, magic and simple gorgeousness...'

D.N. (India)

'Beautiful. Thank you'

L.S. (Switzerland)

'Absolutely beautiful... full of magic and light'

S.M. (UK)



'Very special.'

Z.O. (Slovakia)

'Your books are amazingly beautiful...
Thank you!'

B.Y. (USA)

'Brilliant Leela... thank you, thank you'

H.R. (UK)

'Like a breath of fresh air, uplifting, and beautiful.'

S.M. (UK)

'To say your book is lovely feels short of the mark yet it is truly… Lovely (in the best sense of the word) the whole presentation … the packaging included. Beautiful work.'

M.T. (Alaska)


Dragonfly Wing

'Terrific little handmade book... #1. It has a girl character in the lead. #2. It is magical and violence free. I hope this is the first in a series. I want more... a delight!'

M.R. (USA)

'Lovely it was, and I wished for a sequel.'

S.S. (India)

The House of Sweet

'I LOVE The House of Sweet!'

M.T. (Alaska)

'So enjoyed it. So many fun characters, I feel them animating on a big screen.'

M.R. (USA)

'I totally loved The House of Sweet and read it in
almost one sitting - it was magical and beautiful and a total delight...'

K. S. (UK)

'A brilliant book... amazing, magical and funny characters all blended into a beautiful story with an exciting twist... really enjoyed reading it.'

D. N. (India)

Pertwee & Peri

'The ending rushed towards me as if the words couldn’t come out quick enough. It was beautiful.'

K. S. (UK)

'I've started Pertwee, it's now my tube travel companion! He's very cute, I wish someone makes a movie on him some day'

S.S. (India)

'It made me laugh out loud with joy when I opened the precious pink envelope... I loved the book! Magical.'

M.R. (USA)



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